Gwen Stefani envious of beau Blake Shelton on The Voice

Gwen Stefani felt envious during Tuesday's episode of The Voice as her boyfriend Blake Shelton collected teen girls for his team.

Both Gwen, 47, and Blake, 40, wanted California teenager Aliyah Moulden after she sang a version of Hound Dog by Elvis Presley.

'You are the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life,' Gwen told the 15-year-old singer.

Getting jealous: Gwen Stefani was envious of boyfriend Blake Shelton during Tuesday's episode of The Voice as he kept landing young female singers

Blake, who has won the show five times, noted that he's had 'a lot of success with young people'.

When Aliyah opted for Team Blake, Gwen shared her disappointment.

'He always gets the young girls!' she huffed.

'I just want a little girl to pick me, don't you think a little girl should pick me?' she asked the audience.

Track record: Blake has won five times and noted his success with 'young people'

Tough pick: Aliyah Moulden picked Blake after he and Gwen lobbied for her

Hugged it out: Blake hugged Aliyah as he welcomed her on his team

The No Doubt songstress got her own teen talent later by securing small town Alabama girl Savannah Leighton.

Savannah, 16, works in a steakhouse when she's not gigging and at school.

After hearing her belt out Katy Perry's Unconditionally, both Blake and Gwen both turned.

Teen talent: Gwen later reached out for teen talent Savannah Leighton

Gwen rushed the stage to get a head start on her pitch and to calm down crying Savannah.

'That's an illegal move!' protested Blake.

'I'm willing to get myself in bad trouble here, because I believe in you so much,' Blake later added as he gunned for Savannah's favor.

To the stage: The No Doubt singer rushed to the stage to console emotional Savannah

Illegal move: Blake protested when Gwen rushed to the stage and talked to Savannah

'Looks like Blake takes the lead but he may be sleeping on the couch tonight,' joked Adam Levine, 37, who started providing sports-like commentary as they battled.

Gwen, 47, offered to 'mother' Savannah while Blake said she was his 'chance to live the girls' dream'.

Savannah went with Gwen for the 'girl power'.

Color commentary: Adam Levine provided sports-like commentary as Blake and Gwen fought for Savannah

Girl power: Savannah cited

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