Crackdown on using mobiles in cars begins

Tougher penalties for drivers who use their mobile phones at the wheel come into force today.

New drivers face losing their licence the first time they are caught using a phone behind the wheel illegally.

Penalties and fines for offenders will be doubled to six points and £200 respectively.

Motorists face higher penalties today for using their mobile phones while driving 

Transport secretary Chris Grayling said the increased penalties will be a 'strong deterrent'

The crackdown is a victory for the Mail’s End the Mobile Madness campaign.

It was launched last year after a shocking string of fatal accidents involving motorists who were phoning, texting or checking social media while driving.

As part of the new measures, new drivers can have their licence revoked if they get six penalty points in their first two years on the road, which could now be the result of sending a single text message.

More experienced motorists can lose their licence if they receive 12 points in a three-year period.

Police forces are carrying out a seven-day crackdown with extra patrols and an ‘increased focus’ on catching drivers using handheld phones.

Around 3,600 motorists were handed penalties during a similar initiative last month.

Twenty-two people were killed and 99 seriously injured in accidents on Britain’s roads in 2015 where a motorist using a mobile was a contributory factor, latest figures show

Using a mobile phone at the wheel was outlawed a decade ago as evidence emerged of the impact it has on concentration. But the ban is widely flouted.

Truck driver Tomasz Kroker, pictured killed a mother of three while scrolling through his phone while she was stuck in traffic 

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said increasing fixed penalties will be a ‘strong deterrent’.

He added: ‘Everyone has a part to play in encouraging their family and friends not to use their

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