Billionaire @mcuban gives @realDonaldTrump a C-minus for his first 100 days

Billionaire @mcuban gives @realDonaldTrump a C-minus for his first 100 days
Billionaire @mcuban gives @realDonaldTrump a C-minus for his first 100 days

"I'd say a C-minus," said Cuban, when asked by anchor Chris Cuomo on Friday to give the President a grade. "There are some things he's tried to do. I give him credit for Supreme Court. Delivering."

Cuban added, "I guess it's a low bar when you do what you say you were going to do. No major policy changes at all. Signs a lot of executive orders that he doesn't truly understand."

Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, supported Democratic candidate during the 2016 presidential race and expressed skepticism throughout the contest over whether or not was as wealthy as he claimed.

"You know, there's still hope," he said of 's performance as president.

This is not Cuban's first jab at . The two billionaires took their favorite medium -- Twitter -- last fall to trade insults. And Cuban had a front-row seat at the presidential debate on Long Island last September -- as a guest of the Clinton campaign.

At the time, Cuban tweeted, "Just got a front row seat to watch @HillaryClinton overwhelm @realDonaldTrump at the "Humbling at Hofstra" on Monday. It Is On!"

Cuban tried to publicly shame throughout the 2016 campaign, regularly slamming the Republican nominee for not releasing his taxes. The attacks were considered significant, given Cuban's status as a fellow billionaire and his public persona as a

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