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Sen. Sasse President on Twitter -- to the tune of "Covfefe's Etude ...

"It's #PianoRecital night. Livetweeting likely, despite the constant negative press covfefe," the Nebraska Republican and frequent critic of President Donald tweeted, poking fun at the President's now-deleted tweet that caused a stir Wednesday after it was posted.

The lawmaker is just the latest to joke about the word, which went viral after many speculated about its meaning.

At the time he deleted the first tweet, tweeted: "Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe" ??? Enjoy!"

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that only and a small number of people knew the meaning of the word.

And former Democratic presidential nominee joked at a conference Wednesday: "I thought it was a hidden message to the Russians."

'Covfefe' tells you all you need to know about Donald Trump

'Covfefe' tells you all you need to know about Donald Trump

Sasse spent the rest of the recital responding to his followers on social media and providing live updates, incorporating "covfefe" in most of his subsequent tweets.

"Rare performance of Covfefe's Etude in D major tonight," he wrote. "So beautiful. Only I and small group of ppl know exactly what I mean. #PianoRecital."

He even joked about other performers at the recital.

"Kid at #PianoRecital refuses to bow after his piece, yelling: "Covfefe me ousside, howbow

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