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Bristol man installs 10ft antenna upon roof for CB radio


A pensioner who says he or she cannot afford a mobile telephone has set up a 10ft antenna on the top of his house so he is able to chat over the particular radio.

Ken Overton, 68, utilizes the short-range CB radio in order to communicate with friends and loved ones seven miles away from their home in Portishead, near Bristol.

Mr Overton, who has flexibility problems, said they have become their âlifelineâ? and stopped him obtaining lonely because mobile contracts are usually too expensive for him.

Ken Overton (pictured), 68, uses the short-range CB radio to communicate with friends and family. Because Mr Overton struggles to leave his house, he relies on the CB radio

Ken Overton (pictured), 68, uses the short-range CB radio stations to communicate with friends plus family.  Because Mr Overton challenges to leave his house, he or she relies on the CB radio

But neighbours have complained that their aerial is disrupting their tv and broadband signals, and the particular pensioner has been asked to consider it down.  

The device is comparable to a walkie-talkie and was favored by lorry drivers in the 1970s and 1980s, even spawning the hit single, Convoy, in 1975.

Because Mr Overton struggles in order to leave his house, he depends on the CB radio in order to catch up with his loved ones in Clevedon, Somerset.

He has additionally made new friends who make use of the devices as a hobby.

He said: âI installed it regarding three months ago, and We use it to speak in order to relatives and my friends. We canât afford a phone agreement and itâs cheap to make use of, plus I obtain a really great signal where I am.

âIâm normally on it three or even four times per week, usually within the evening. I donât move out very often because of the disabilities, therefore it stops me obtaining lonely. Thereâs a bit associated with a community of us which use CB radios â? itâs my lifeline. â? ***)

Mr Overton worked as a metal polisher and finisher in Birmingham prior to moving to Portishead nine many years ago.  

Mr Overton, who has mobility problems, said it has become his ¿lifeline¿ and stopped him getting lonely because mobile contracts are too expensive for him

Mr Overton, who has mobility problems, stated it has become his âlifelineâ? and stopped him getting lonesome because mobile contracts are as well expensive for him

He fears that will the ruling by social casing provider Alliance Homes that he or she must remove the aerial can axe his main way of conversation.

âThey contacted me to express they will have had several complaints through neighbours, who say itâs interfering with their TVs, â? he or she said.

âBut Iâve been making use of it within the past few months plus Iâm sure if this was impacting their TVs, they will have stated something by now. â? ***)

Alliance Homes, which owns the home, stated the aerial needed to end up being replaced.

Neighbours have complained that his aerial (pictured) is disrupting their television and broadband signals

Neighbours have got complained that his aerial (pictured) is disrupting their television plus broadband signals

A company spokesman stated: âWe understand Kenâs situation. The particular issue is the fact that CB airborne is interfering with all the broadband plus TV signals in certain of the particular other residentsâ? flats, so we all have asked Ken to substitute it with one that wonât cause interference.  

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