Fire chief played ‘t*t cricket’ with a female firefighter

David Lewis claims the games were just part of the station's 'garage humour' 

David Lewis claims the games were just part of the station's 'garage humour' 

A fire chief played 't*t cricket' with a female firefighter scoring points by squeezing her while working together, a court heard yesterday.

Crew manager David Lewis is also accused of pulling the woman's trousers down to her ankles when she was not expecting it.

Lewis, who is married, claims the games were just part of 'garage humour' at the fire station, staffed by both men and women officers.

But a court heard he was sacked for his behaviour towards the younger female officer who was left 'embarrassed' and in tears.

Prosecutor Craig Jones said: 'It began with inappropriate sexual comments.

'He would refer to the size of her and offer to use his tools to help her if she required assistance.

'He would make sexual gestures with his fingers and tongue.'

Swansea Crown Court heard Lewis's abuse became physical and he grabbed her when she was carrying a tray of teas and coffees for her work colleagues.

Mr Jones said: 'She would tell him not to do it but he would laugh and call her a s*** saying she loved it.

'He would make sure she went up the stairs first and then touch her bottom. At the top the stairs he would pull her trousers down.' 

The game of t*t cricket was also played where players could score by touching various parts of the victim's body, especially their read more from dailymail.....

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