Student, 18, forced girls to send him explicit images

St Andrew's University student Glen Wilson (pictured) blackmailed children into making sexually explicit films

St Andrew's University student Glen Wilson (pictured) blackmailed children into making sexually explicit films

A university student left young girls suicidal when he blackmailed them into making sexually explicit videos of themselves.

St Andrew's University student Glen Wilson, 18, convinced children to make films after grooming them on a number of social media sites.

Privately educated Wilson persuaded girls as young as 12 to send him photos and films, which he then offered to share online with other paedophiles.

He forced one girl to film herself on Skype while he set up the social media site to let another mystery user watch her.

He 'directed' another using the pseudonym Alex Moore and told her to give her name and age and say: 'I'm Alex's little girl.' 

Wilson told one girl that unless she obeyed his increasingly explicit requests, he would send the photos to her family and they would think she was a 's***'.

Wilson initially pretended to be a similar age to his victims but them began to threaten them. 

In less than a year he sent 450 messages claiming her would expose his victims, who lived across the UK. 

Wilson, who lives with his parents in Woodlands, Longforgan, admitted a catalogue of revenge porn extortion and child pornography distribution charges at Perth Sheriff Court today.

Sheriff Gillian Wade remanded Wilson in custody and expressed concern that his case was been prosecuted at High Court level. 

The court was told that Wilson, who used numerous aliases on sites including , Kick, Instagram, Skype and Twitter, admitted a total of 23 charges between September 2015 and June 2016. 

A major national investigation was launched after one of his victims reported what he had been doing to

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