'Brexit is HAMSTRUNG' David Davis's ex-aide claims May is limiting UK's ...

Theresa May and David DavisGETTYDavid Davis has been set 'red lines' for Brexit talks, his former aide has claimed

The Brexit secretary's former aide James Chapman has claimed Mr Davis been “hamstrung” by the Prime Minister and her stances on the EU – including her position on the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

Mr Chapman added that Mrs May would struggle to get Brexit through the House of Commons unless she showed more “flexibility”.

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It comes after the Prime Minister insisted the ECJ will have no rule over the UK once out of the bloc.

However the sprawling European superstate has demanded the ECJ continues to give legal protection to EU citizens in the UK after Brexit, just as it does now.

While the ECJ’s main role is to make sure the laws of the single market are upheld, as opposed to criminal matters such as the European Court of Human Rights, Mr Davis has said a new international body must be established to settle disputes between post-Brexit Britain and the EU.

David DavisGETTYBrexit talks with the EU are now underway

Mon, June 19, 2017 The first stage of the negotiations concerns the fate of European expatriates in the United

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