'You're sovereignty OBSESSED’ Businesses in bid to OVERTURN May's EU free ...

Theresa May and EU flagGETTYTheresa May said EU free movement will end by March 2019

In a direct slap down to Chancellor Philip Hammond, the Prime Minister’s spokesman was yesterday forced to clarify Mrs May’s position on EU immigration saying it “was wrong to suggest that free movement will continue as it is now”. 

The comments followed a weekend of public infighting between the prime minister’s cabinet after Mr Hammond suggested that Britain’s relationship with Brussels could remain “very similar” for at least three years after the UK formally unshackles itself from the bloc in March 2019. 

But now business leaders have launched an attack on Hard Brexiteers saying their main “obsession” is sovereignty and accused them of not caring if “there’s a 20-year recession”. 

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Hammond and DavisGETTYMay's cabinet has been blighted by infighting over the crucial issue of immigration

Thu, July 27, 2017 Prime Minister Theresa May's moments.
Theresa May wears pink holiday dress from British hughstreet store


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Theresa May wears pink holiday dress from British hughstreet store

Brexiteers are obsessed with sovereignty. They don’t care if there’s a 20-year recession

FTSE100 boss

One FTSE100 boss warned it would be a “disaster”. 

He told City AM: “Our economy will collapse if we go through with this.

“Most business people are more worried than before because they thought there would be some pragmatism in place. 

“But this isn’t about the economy - Brexiteers are

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