Paedophiles should be 'prescribed' CHILD SEX DOLLS to stop attacks, charity ...

Sex dollsGETTY • SHIN TAKAGIA charity is suggesting that paedophiles be handed child sex dolls to aid treatment

The Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending (StopSO), is a charity that aims to “prevent harm and protect society” by “offering therapy in the community”.

StopSO’s founder, Juliet Grayson, says child sex dolls could be used in regulated environments to help paedophiles manage their urges in the same way “methadone is used to stop people from using heroin”.

Ms Grayson told RT: “Perhaps a ‘prescription’ for the use of a child sex doll could be given, alongside therapy, mentoring and supervision, could help the individual remain law-abiding and fully accountable for their behaviour.

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“If our number one priority is to keep young people safe from sexual harm, then we need to be open to new ways of thinking about how we can help those members of society who are sexually attracted to children to manage their urges in safe and law-abiding ways.”

The charity chief claimed the alternative to using child sex dolls meant not providing an outlet at all which is a “riskier strategy” as many paedophiles “have reached the end of their tether”.

The National Crime Agency estimates that 750,000 men in the UK have an interest in having sex with children, with 250,000 sexually attracted to children under the age of 12.

Tue, April 4, 2017

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