Bloated stomach? Experts warn THIS popular healthy drink could be to blame

Bloating can be caused by many different factors, including the food you eat and how you eat it. 

While most cases of stomach bloating are relatively harmless, it can sometimes be a warning sign of a much more serious disease. 

Bloating can be a symptom of IBS, coeliac disease and even ovarian cancer. 

But in most instances, a bloated stomach can be reduced by making simple changes to dietary intake.

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Bloating stomach symptoms causes waterGETTYBloating can be caused by what we eat and drink, and how we do it

There are many foods that cause bloating, including beans, cruciferous vegetables, wheat and high fat meals. 

Drinks, including alcohol, can also play a significant role. 

Many people choose sparkling water as a healthy alternative to alcohol or sugary fizzy drinks. 

But the choice might be thwarting your quest for a flat stomach. 

10 tips to reduce bloatingFri, June 9, 2017 Feeling bloated? Top ten tips to reduce stomach bloating.
10 tips to reduce bloating

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10 tips to reduce bloating

Bloating stomach symptoms causes waterGETTYBloating can be an

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