EU causing its own demise as it spends millions to stop Brexit-like breaks, MEP ...

British MEP Nathan Gill accused the European Union of using taxpayers' money to try to indoctrinate citizens as it tries to stop euroscepticism from spreading.

Speaking to RT UK, he commented on EU attempts to curb negative perceptions about the institution by spending £2.7million (€3m) on educational projects about the union.

He said: "They're just seeing us as this huge wave of uneducated populists and they're the clever, intelligent ones and they know better.

GETTY/RT UKBritish MEP Nathan Gill said that the EU's attitude towards the people will land them "in trouble."

"That kind of attitude is just going to get them deeper and deeper into trouble. This is an opportunity for them to wake up and listen.

"They're not taking it, they're trying to re-educate us, they're trying to use our money to indoctrinate us into thinking or feeling differently. It's not going to work."

European Commission documents show that Brussels is currently funding

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