Youtuber Tana Mongeau drops Mod Sun-produced song F*** Up on 's ...

Tana Mongeau isn't afraid to be a F*** Up.

The Youtube favorite, who boasts 3.7million subscribers on the platform, debuted her new song F*** Up on Friday.

Talking about her anthem of imperfection, which was produced by rapper Mod Sun, the 20-year old blonde explained: 'I wanted the song and music video to open people up to the thoughts of someone in my shoes.'

Hot new music: Tana Mongeau dropped her new song F*** Up Friday

Hot new music: Tana Mongeau dropped her new song F*** Up Friday

'The way the world acts when a 'celebrity' f***s up is crazy to me,' the Las Vegas native continued about her new track, which is available to stream on iTunes and Spotify.

'I remember writing 'I promise that I hate me more than you do' and 'I can't even live in the moment, Worried bout' another Twitter moment, Make the whole world my opponent, And they wonder why I'm never focused' and just sobbing.

'I was so excited for the people to understand that sometimes that's the way I'm thinking... and what the world is saying about me at the meantime.'

'For me, the most fun part about music is being able to tell a story with a song. I started all of this, on YouTube, telling stories. I'll always love being a storyteller. And now, being able to open up a new chapter, and tell stories through music, is the most incredible feeling.' 

Tana's passion for music has

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