Love Island: Jess KISSES Mike during challenge... as Luke M brands her ...

He's been forced to unwillingly sit on the sidelines over the past few days, as his love interest Jess Gale has been relentlessly pursued by newly single Mike Boateng. 

And Luke Mabbot will be seen reaching the pinnacle of his exasperation during Sunday night's edition of Love Island, as his partner opts to share a kiss with the policeman during the Snog, Marry... Pie challenge.

The shock lip-lock will prompt Justin Bieber lookalike Luke to pull his partner for a private chat, during in which he =accuses her of 'leading two people on'.

During the challenge, each member of the opposite sex is asked to decide who out of their fellow Islanders they would choose to kiss, marry, or cover in a cream pie. 

And while Mike pies Shaughna Phillips for branding him the villa's 'biggest game-player', and Wallace Wilson offers Rebecca Gormley the same fate for her lack of gratitude for his avocado breakfast, Jess's kiss with Mike raised eyebrows the most.

Mike, who is currently in a friendship couple with Sophie Piper since being dumped by Leanne Amaning, continued to make no secret of his desire to pursue a romance with Jess as he opted to kiss her during the challenge.

But Jess shocked Luke - and her fellow Islanders - when she opted to reciprocate the kiss with Mike instead of her partner, while declaring instead that she'd marry Luke.

Luke M responded to the prospect of marrying Jess by telling her: 'We’ll get divorced the same day.'

Pulling Jess for a chat following the challenge, Luke told the blonde Cambridge native: 'I’m not feeling the best. What was the challenge about today? Out of respect, since we’re a couple, I personally thought I’d choose you.

'Why wasn’t that reciprocated? The kiss is the main thing. I’d have thought you’d have been the decent person.'

Defending her decision, Jess responded: 'It’s a challenge.'

Annoyed by her assertion, Luke shot back: 'You don’t have any excuse you can pull out of the bag.'

Jess then admitted: 'I chose to kiss Mike because when I came into this villa at the beginning, I felt like I was most attracted to Mike and he is my usual type.

'I chose to "marry" you because I think you’re so sweet, you came in here, you’ve been really kind and nice. I think that’s husband material, so I chose to "marry" you.'

Luke replied: 'I think it’s really disrespectful. All I’ve been to you is nice, kind, a gentleman and then it’s been thrown back in my face.'

He added: 'You’re leading two people on. I think personally you just like lads chasing after you.'

He surprised his fellow Islanders when he suddenly admitted to having feelings for Jess Gale hours after splitting from Leanne Amaning. 

And Mike Boateng is set to take on Luke Mabbot in the challenge for her affections during Friday's episode. 

In scenes yet to air on the show, the former policeman, 24, dubs Luke, 24, 'insecure', as he confidently states that Jess will pick him as he's 'more her type. 

Confrontation: In a teaser for Friday's episode of Love Island Mike took it upon himself to tell Luke M that he was feeling a real connection with Jess, confronting the Justin Bieber lookalike

Confrontation: In a teaser for Friday's episode of Love Island Mike took it upon himself to tell Luke M that he was feeling a real connection with Jess, confronting the Justin Bieber lookalike

After Luke interrupted Mike's chat with Jess during Thursday's episode, Mike was keen to pull him up on it, pulling the Justin Bieber lookalike aside for a chat. 

As Mike stated: 'That was a bit frosty,' Luke hit back: 'There's only so much you can take. I know you're going to talk to her, but pulling her so much today…'

Quick to respond, Mike replied: 'Have I? Or has she just gravitated towards me?

'You came up mid

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