Bride and Prejudice's Brad's mum pleased about pair split

From the very outset she was against the young lovers from getting married.

And Bride And Prejudice's Brad's mother Sherrie is pleased the couple has now split via a break-up on national TV.

She told Nova's Kate, Tim and Marty on Wednesday she was 'relieved' by the pair's separation as she had higher hopes for her 20-year-old son.

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'I'm relieved': Sherrie, the mother of Bride and Prejudice's Brad, 20, expresses her relief after her son DUMPS young fiancé Courtney Cole, 18, on national TV on Monday, during an interview with Nova's Kate, Tim and Marty on Wednesday morning

'My son has got more to do in life than be a husband at 20,' Sherrie said of the Channel Seven reality star.

Sherrie had always been against his interest in partner-turned-fiance Courtney Cole, 18, and insisted her behaviour was immature.

Speaking to the breakfast trio, she admitted it probably wouldn't have made a difference if it wasn't Courtney, because 20 was too young to settle down.

'My son has got more to do in life than be a husband at 20': Brad broke up with Courtney on camera and on the street during his buck's party, later claiming he dodged 'a nuke' by calling the off with the blonde

Since the dramatic argument between Courtney and Brad caused the lovers to call off their upcoming nuptials on Monday night's episode, Courtney has slammed the show for being a 'set up.'

And Sherrie confirmed she was concerned for the pressure the show put both of the 'kids' in, as she stated: 'They're both very young and they didn't realize what they were in for.'

She also admitted they were paid a small fee to appear on the show, but Courtney was the instigator in applying for the series.

'They didn't realize what they were in for': Sherrie stated while the 'kids' were paid, she doesn't believe they were ready for the pressure of the show, adding herself and Brad were against taking part in the show, but did so after Courtney insisted

The mother claimed: 'Both Bradley and myself didn't want to go through with this. but Courtney wanted to do the show and I imagine she's regretful at the moment.' 

After she was dumped on national TV, the 18-year-old took to Instagram to make her opinions of the show known to her followers.

The outspoken blonde told fans that she and Brad were just 'two young kids manipulated' by Channel Seven producers and claimed their fight was heavily edited. 

'Tune into the web of lies spun by a set up TV show,' she wrote on Instagram alongside a glamorous selfie.

Hitting back: Bride and Prejudice's Courtney Cole, 18, has slammed the Channel Seven show, saying it is a 'set up' TV show after her fiance Brad, 20, dumped her on his buck's night

Daily Mail Australia reached out for comment from Courtney after the Instagram post was uploaded.

After fans witnessed their dramatic breakup on the show, they flocked to comment underneath, with many supporting her. 

One wrote that Courtney should 'keep slayin' (sic),' as Courtney would meet someone else in due time. 

'Just two young kids manipulated': Courtney then thanked her fans for their support

Showdown: Courtney and Brad had a dramatic argument on Monday's show (pictured), causing him to call off their upcoming and break things off with her

Courtney then thanked her fans for their support, writing: 'Really appreciate the support from each and everyone one of you!'

'If I could spill all the beans and tell the real

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