Kim Richards shares disdain for Eden Sassoon on RHOBH

Kim Richards displayed visceral hatred for Eden Sasoon on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Tuesday night.

The source of the feud came from Lisa Rinna, who had said that Kim was an alcoholic who was 'close to death' and that her sister Kyle was 'an enabler'.

Kim, who is now sober, was incensed at Rinna but also at Eden, who had repeated the 'lies'.

Skin crawl: Kim Richards during Tuesday's episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills said that Eden Sassoon makes her 'skin crawl'

'Eden absolutely makes my skin crawl,' said Kim, who visibly cringed when Eden entered a dessert tasting party held by Carnie Wilson.

'For Eden to repeat Rinna's lies is so icky and horrible,' grimaced the 52-year-old.

'I can't even look at her,' she moaned.

The former child actress had harsh words about Rinna too, proclaiming: 'Lisa is so fake!'

Hot seat: Eden was confronted by Kim for repeating hurtful comments about her sobriety

Kim had brought her sponsor Clare to the event to prove she was truly sober.

Earlier in the show Rinna had finally decided to 'own it' and admit to the mean comments about Kim and Kyle.

'I might be stoned to death,' she warned her husband.

Owning it: Rinna during a talk with husband Harry Hamlin finally admitted that she said Kim was 'close to death' and that her sister Kyle was her 'enabler'

Erika Girardi later agreed.

'You're going to get it tonight,' she warned Rinna before the party.

When Rinna arrived Lisa Vanderpump reveled in her discomfort.

Duly warned: Erika after learning the truth from Rinna warned that she was going to get it at the party

Straight shooter: The singer joked that Rinna was going to be killed at the party

Sweet treat: Erika tried out some of the cheesecake desserts brought by Carnie Wilson

Tastes great: Dorit Kemsley also enjoyed one of Carnie's desserts

Cold shoulder: Kim talked about removing negative people from her life as Eden sat opposite her

Kim hit the attack button as soon as Rinna confessed.

'You don't think of the consequences for other people, my children are affected, my sisters are affected, my friends are affected my grandchild will be affected,' raged Kim.

'This is so treacherous,' she added.

So treacherous: Kim told Rinna that her comments had serious consequences

Vanderpump, gleeful with schadenfreude, kept

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