The Bachelor's Jennifer takes a swipe at Cobie

He was left smitten after she broke the ice during their first meeting by making him laugh.

So it's no surprise that Matty Johnson invited Cobie Frost on a single date during Thursday night's episode.

And while Cobie was on cloud nine as she joined Matty for some one-on-one time at Sydney polo club, back at the mansion, fellow bachelorette Jennifer had little faith that the pair would hit it off. 

'To be honest, I think she may be in danger of falling into the friend zone if she's too cutesy-cutesy,' Jen said bluntly.

'Do I think that he wants someone who is that cute all the time? No, because I think he's a man and I think he wants a woman.

She continued: 'I know she does want him to see her as sexy, but you shouldn't have to try to be something. Like, I know I give off sex appeal, but for me, it's just quite natural. So, if that's not who you are, you can only pretend to be that way so long.' 

Cobie and Matty spent the day riding horses, with Matty explaining he came up with the idea because the 30-year-old Queenslander loves animals.

'So, today, I've invited Cobie to the Sydney Polo

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