Supermarket ham and bacon may contain 'pointless' chemicals linked to cancer

Supermarket ham and bacon may contain 'pointless' chemicals that are linked to cancer, leaked report reveals Some meats contain nitrites that are used to preserve the foods and kill bacteria These are also used to maintain the meats pink colour because it looks better  But a leaked report for the British Meat Processors Association suggests they have no effect on botulinum bacteria Nitrites have been linked to some cancers but may be a 'pointless' preservative

By Daily Mail Reporter

Published: 01:05 GMT, 25 March 2019 | Updated: 01:10 GMT, 25 March 2019


Chemicals linked to cancer in processed ham and bacon do not need to be used, a leaked report has revealed.

Many of the meats on supermarket shelves contain nitrites – which are both a powerful preservative and are supposed to kill botulinum

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