Do NOT give your dog pig ears, CDC warns after treats sickened 143 people

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() Do NOT give your dog pig ears: Pets and 143 people sickened by Salmonella from the chewy treats, CDC warns Of the 143 people sickened, 33 of them were hospitalized with Salmonella People have gotten sick from handling the treats, the CDC warned The agency also suspects pig ears may sicken dogs, too  Cases have now been confirmed in 35 states   CDC advises pet owners to throw out any and all pig ear treats and to not feed them to their dogs  

By Mia De Graaf Health Editor For and Natalie Rahhal Deputy Health Editor For

Published: 22:46 BST, 6 September 2019 | Updated: 22:54 BST, 6 September 2019



Pig ear dog treats have given 143 people Salmonella infections, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Thursday. 

It's not clear if pet owners might given the treats a try themselves, but the CDC says that people can contract the infection simply from handling pig ears or even from touching dogs that have eaten them. 

Of the 143 people sickened, 33 have been hospitalized, but there have been no related deaths. 


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