Just one hit of weed can make people recall false memories, study finds

Marijuana can really mess with your memories, according to science.  

Research from Maastricht University, University of California, Irvine (UC, Irvine), and other partners suggests that people are far more likely to form false memories when they are high. 

They found that just one puff of weed made people very suggestible, even to 'planted' memories as the result of leading questions than were sober test subjects.

The findings have concerning implications for the testimonies of eye witnesses of crimes, who are not usually required to be drug-tested in the field before giving police descriptions of what they saw. 

And for the growing number of people who use marijuana, it could be a step to solving the mystery of why regular use of the drug is linked to poorer memory and cognitive issues. 

People who use cannabis are vulnerable to forming false memories, new research suggests

People who use cannabis are vulnerable to forming false memories, new research suggests 

The more that scientists learn about memory, the clearer it becomes that it is indeed a pliable thing. 

Not at all like the filing cabinet memory was once imagined as, we now know that every time we try to pull as memory from one of those drawers, we're letting new bits of information slip into it too, distorting the recollection. 

And all sorts of tricks, moods and environmental stimuli can make us more or less vulnerable to these mis-remembrances. 

In fact, one of the study's co-authors, Elizabeth Loftus, is effectively the architect of the downfall of eyewitness testimony. 

Her work from the 1970s showed that a carefully crafted line of question could warp a person's recall of a details of an event.  

Going several, controversial steps further, she also showed that people could be convinced that they had entirely fictionalized memories. 

Her studies were a turning point for

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