falsely calls covid antibody drug a 'cure' and promises it will be free

BREAKING: says getting COVID-19 was a 'gift from God' because he got Regeneron's coronavirus antibody cocktail which he falsely calls 'a cure,' as he claims it will soon get emergency FDA approval and be FREE for all Americans President said that he thinks the antibody cocktail he received to treat coronavirus is a 'cure'  in a Wednesday night Twitter video  There is no data to suggest the drug is a cure, and only early data to suggest it shortens recovery times and lowers viral load  President said he would try to make the drug free to all Americans   He also said emergency use authorization for the drug was 'all set' but there is no indication that the drug's maker, Regeneron has applied to the FDA for an EUA The maker of a competing antibody treatment, Eli Lilly, applied Wednesday for emergency approval 

By Natalie Rahhal Us Health Editor

Published: 23:56 BST, 7 October 2020 | Updated: 00:00 BST, 8 October 2020


President has falsely called the antibody cocktail drug he received to treat coronavirus a 'cure' and said he would soon make it available to all Americans for free. 

He said that

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