Hairy Biker admits his battle with the bulge is ongoing

Dave Myers (pictured with his wife) ed three stone and reversed his borderline diabetes

Dave Myers (pictured with his wife) ed three stone and reversed his borderline diabetes

Their public weight loss battle made cuddly TV cooks Dave Myers and Si King, aka The Hairy Bikers, into the unlikely faces of a multi-million-selling diet book series.

However, 59-year-old Dave, who shed three stone and reversed his borderline diabetes on their low calorie plan, admits his battle with the bulge is ongoing. ‘I have put on weight,’ he said. ‘I usually weigh about 14½ stone but I’m 15 at the moment.’

The Bikers return to TV screens in the spring with a series on Mediterranean eating which will see them cycling across Europe.

Dave, who lives in London with his wife Liliana, left, revealed that the foods he finds most irresistible are somewhat closer to home.

‘My downfall is pizza,’ he said. ‘There is a great pizza place 20 miles from my house but my wife only allows me if I go on my bicycle. So I cycle to the pizza place and she will come in her car and meet me there!’

Unhealthy gums could put women at higher risk of developing cancer, says a new study. 

Periodontal disease, a chronic infection and inflammation of the tissues that support the teeth, is linked to an elevated risk of oesophageal, skin, breast and gall bladder cancer, especially in older women.

US researchers worked with a cohort of 65,869 women aged between 54 and 86. 

The participants reported their gum disease diagnoses between 1999 and 2003, and were monitored for cancer detection until September 2013. 

It was found that women who had reported a diagnosis of periodontal disease had a 14 per cent higher risk of any type of cancer. 

Women with periodontitis were more than three times likelier to develop oesophageal cancer, compared to women without oral health problems.

Every type of killer liver virus hepatitis C can

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