Concussion says kids should not play soccer or lacrosse

The doctor who inspired the Will Smith movie Concussion says teenagers should not play lacrosse or ice hockey - and only over-14s should play soccer. 

There is a growing wave of calls to ban school children - and even adults - from playing American football, given the burgeoning research linking blows to the head with crippling brain diseases like CTE. 

Dr Bennet Omalu, the forensic pathologist who discovered CTE, has said letting children play the contact sport is 'the definition of child abuse'. 

But he warns that is hardly the only sport that could inflict life-long damage on a child's brain.

Dangerous? Lacrosse has one of the highest concussion rates across all sports

Dangerous? Lacrosse has one of the highest concussion rates across all sports

The 'big six' to avoid, he says, are football, rugby, boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling, and ice hockey.

But speaking to Today ahead of releasing his new book My Alarming Discovery About The Danger Of Contact Sports, he said other sports carry dangers too.

'Lacrosse has one of the highest concussion rates across all sports. It’s a very dangerous sport — people need to know that. I also don’t think kids younger than 18 should play it,' he said.

'As far as soccer, there should not be any heading below the age of 18.'

He added: 'Soccer as it’s played today should be played by only children who are above the age of 12-14. Children younger than that should play a modified form of soccer, whereby there’s less contact. Maybe we make the balls bigger and lighter so that there’s less accidental injury.'

Instead, he points to the abundance of sports that carry a far lower concussion risk. 

They include swimming, track and field,

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