headsets are set to revolutionise surgery


In a medical first surgeons from around the world donned headsets to jointly operate on a patient in London.  

Last week specialists from across the globe were able to view an operating table in real time and offer their expertise.

The technology, which remotely displays images and patient notes to oversea experts, could be available in hospitals within five years.

By creating medical avatars that move as if they were in the room, specialists are able to discuss any potential complications in real time, which may be particularly helpful during emergency procedures that cannot be considered in advance.

As well as providing surgeon reassurance, the technology is also thought to revolutionise patient safety.

In a first worldwide surgeons donned virtual reality headsets to jointly operate on a patient

In a first worldwide surgeons donned headsets to jointly operate on a patient


A human-like 3D vertebrate that allows surgeons to practice life-saving spinal operations could be available next year, it emerged earlier this month.

The model is intended to increase doctor's confidence at performing such procedures by allowing them to investigate patients' spines in a risk-free environment before undergoing the operation, according to the researchers.

Patients should be assured their surgeon is aware of their specific ailment, with the model hopefully one day being able to be personalised to reflect people's specific condition, such as osteoporosis or sports injuries, they add.

Joe Meeks from Nottingham Trent University, who is carrying out the research, told MailOnline: 'From a patient's perspective, a lot of mystery goes into surgery. They can be assured the surgeon knows what

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