Cheryl talks losing her hair and skin problems after pregnancy

Pop star Cheryl Tweedy has revealed how she coped with losing her hair after becoming a new mother last year.

Cheryl and her boyfriend, former One Direction star Liam Payne, welcomed their first son, Bear in March 2017.

A year later, Cheryl, 34, is settled in to motherhood and has opened up about childbirth causing some of her hair to fall out.

She says it took six months for her to get back into her regime, and supplements helped to regrow her hair. 

Cheryl seems to have taken back control of any unwanted effects on her looks – she appeared as glamorous as ever at the Film Festival in France last month.

Cheryl, 34, is said to planning to move to New York with her one-year-old son Bear, to record her new album – her last album was released in 2014. Pictured at Cannes Film Festival in May

Cheryl, 34, is said to planning to move to New York with her one-year-old son Bear, to record her new album – her last album was released in 2014. Pictured at Film Festival in May

Pregnancy is well known to take its toll on the bodies of expectant mothers, and Cheryl has spoken up about how she coped with this unexpected effect. 

In an interview with Hello! magazine, the former Girls Aloud singer added she also had skin pigmentation which was slow to fade. 

'I had a bit of hair loss after pregnancy' 

The star, who used to be a judge on the X Factor and is tipped to take part in upcoming BBC show The Greatest Dancer, says she uses Lumity supplements to help with the hair loss she suffered after giving birth. 


Supermodel Kate Moss uses the same Lumity anti-ageing supplements as part of her new, healthier lifestyle which she hopes will keep her youthful.

The 44 year-old London model is known for years of wild partying and boozing, but it was revealed this year she is now teetotal 80 per cent of the time.  

Moss has been subject to a string of unflattering pictures  in recent years which have revealed the damage her unhealthy habits - subathing, smoking and drinking - have had on her face. 

A source close to the model told Mail Online that Moss is now 'looking after her health' and 'investing in staying as gorgeous as she can for as long as she can.' 

She apparently hits the gym three times a week, does yoga, drinks a green juice each day and takes the Lumity anti-aging supplement.  

'I had a bit of hair loss after pregnancy and supplements have really helped with that,' she told Hello!. 

'Honestly, they're amazing. And they aid sleep because your body's getting what it needs.' 

Hair loss after childbirth can be caused by a condition called telogen effluvium, which causes the body to shed more hair than normal.

It is normal to shed hair every day, and it regrows automatically so the total number of hairs on our head remains constant. 

Telogen effluvium occurs when the proportion of hairs being shed rises from 10 per cent to 30 per cent or more – it can be triggered by childbirth.

Lumity's supplements, which Cheryl says helped with her hair loss, contain vitamins C and E, selenium, zinc, Omega 3s and amino acids, which they say help keep skin, hair and nails healthy. 

The supplements are also taken by model Kate Moss, who has swapped her wild

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