Meditation and yoga worsen people's egos by making them more self absorbed, ...

Meditation and yoga worsen people's egos, new research suggests.

People have a higher opinion of themselves after practicing the ancient form of exercise and mindfulness, a UK study found.

This contradicts the belief that yoga and meditation make people less selfish and more concerned for the wellbeing of others.    

Previous studies suggest yoga and meditation can boost people's mental health by easing stress, anxiety and depression.

Meditation and yoga worsen people's egos, new research suggests (stock)

Meditation and yoga worsen people's egos, new research suggests (stock)


Meditation can be traced back to as early as 5000 BC.

It is associated with some philosophies and religions but is practiced as a secular, stress-relieving activity more and more.

A recent study revealed that meditation can reduce one's risk of heart disease by decreasing risk factors that can lead to the illness.

Specifically, it found that the practices can lower one's blood pressure and their anxiety and depression levels.

It can also help people quit smoking, which can lead to a fatal heart attack.

Experts are warning that healthy lifestyle changes such as being more physically active are still the surest way to ward off the disease, but adding that meditation can also decrease one's chances. 

How the research was carried out  

Researchers from the University of Southampton first analysed 93 yoga students over 15 weeks.

After practicing the ancient form of exercise, the participants completed a survey that asked them how much they related to statements such as 'I will be well-known for the good deeds I will have done'.

They also ranked how much statements

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