Fun Crickets Facts and History

Non-crickets fans may not have been rejoicing over the most awaited event in 2019 which is the Cricket World Cup. However, the avid crickets fans beg to differ. Causing such a big uproar in the world of cricket sports, fans all over the world flock to England and Wales where the competition will take place.


In celebration to an iconic game like this, we put together a list containing some of crickets most remarkable facts and bits of history through the years. Check the list below to know more:


Basic facts about crickets

Ever wondered when the first cricket game happened? It might be too far than you imagined it to me. It was way back in 1656 when the first ever recorded match of crickets took place. Back then, the rules may have been simpler, but times have changed already. After the succeeding centuries, the game evolved and became one of the most respected sports.


On the other hand, 1760 officially marked the founding year of the first cricket club (for example, Hambledon) in England. It was also around the same period when cricket was claimed as the national sport of England.


The game’s humble beginnings in England

Shortly after the year 1800, the occupation of New Zealand took place. In the process, the English men brought something along their journey that would keep them entertained for the rest of their stay— a game of cricket. Dating back in the year 1832, Archdeacon Henry Williams recorded the very first cricket match in his diary. However, what was considered the first proper match wasn’t known until 1864 came.


Knowing the identity of Wilfred Rhodes

Being one of the most coveted cricketers, especially in England, can be a feat. Wilfred Rhodes ended up grabbing the title and taking around 4204 wickets back in the days, which earned him as one of the most incredible players that landed on the first-class cricket.

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To date, Wilfred Rhodes confidently holds the world record in getting the highest number of wickets and making the highest number of appearances in 1110 matches.


Longest match

The longest cricket match took place in 1939 between South Africa and England. It lasted for 14 days, and even after this time, England still needed 42 runs to win. However, the homebound ship was due to leave the next day, and it was decided to call the game a draw.


One of cricket’s fastest ball

Holding one of the most amazing records in the history of cricket rightfully deserves to be in the hands of Shoaib Akhtar hailing from Pakistan. As he unsteadily bowled at a speed of 100.23 mph or 161.3 kmh, he made the crowd go wild. This momentous event happened back in the South African World Cup in 2003.


The highest runs ever (single over mode)

Even though what the urban myths suggest are more plausible, 36 is not considered as the highest runs when it comes to single over— it’s 77 runs. One of the most iconic cricket players, R.H. Vance made the impossible, possible. His most remarkable feat took place in a breathtaking match between Canterbury and Christchurch.


It was February 1992 when the Wellington’s Shell Trophy competing match happened. This event marked the final game of the season and the team had to secure the bag to bring home the bacon for themselves.

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