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Another remarkable weekend in a season like no other has left Peter Crouch fielding questions on title triumphs, empty stadiums and England call-ups. 

But Old Trafford is the only place to start for Sportsmail's resident columnist — though not for footballing reasons…

Have you ever been in a situation where a game was called off so late?

Jim Kelly via email

The only instances I remember, Jim, were based around bad weather and pitch inspections. I've never seen anything like that before but I've got to say I find it quite hard to understand how the police and authorities didn't realise something of this nature was going to happen.

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Ask yourself this: Were stewards ever going to try to stop those protesting? Of course they weren't! Stewards are fans of the club and many will feel the same way about the Glazers as those who managed to get inside Old Trafford.

They have aired their grievances and shown that the friction that was sparked by the European Super League plans is not a story that will be swept under the carpet. But will the Glazers be bothered? I seriously doubt it.

One thing that we can never lose sight of is that these people — the Glazers, John Henry, Stan Kroenke — have no affiliation to the clubs they bought. They will never understand the depth of feeling their proposals have caused.

Fans stormed Manchester United's stadium, causing their game vs Liverpool to be postponed

Fans stormed 's stadium, causing their game vs Liverpool to be postponed

Will this season go down as one of Pep Guardiola's greatest?

Steve Botts via Twitter

In a season, Steve, where form has gone out of the window and injuries have caught up with so many teams, the consistency Manchester City have shown is staggering. I have a new level of admiration for Guardiola for the way he has constructed a unit to run away with this title.

It's incredible, really. Yes, he's been able to rotate — something his rivals haven't been able to do — but he has overseen an incredible turnaround. City were almost 20 points behind Liverpool last year so the transformation, without using a recognised striker, has been off the chart.

City's squad would have been feeling sorry for themselves last summer. The way they went out of the Champions League, losing an FA Cup semi-final and then finishing a distance behind Liverpool could have broken some players but Guardiola revived them spectacularly.

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola (left) has revived his side superbly across this season

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola (left) has revived his side superbly across this season

Can you understand why Liverpool and Everton's home form is so bad?

Latch 9 via Twitter

I can, actually, Latch. I was lucky enough to play at Anfield for three years and have been to Goodison Park countless times. The results you have seen since New Year demonstrate how important fans are to these particular clubs. 

People may laugh at that comment but, believe me, if you are inside Anfield or Goodison and there is a crowd, you are simply not allowed to be substandard. You cannot play to your best every time but each time you go to the touchline, you see how much it matters to those in the stands. 

You cannot let things drift if you know a crowd is going to be on your back. But, in an empty stadium, it's easy to drift off. It's like being at a training ground, really, and I have seen some players behaving at the end of matches in a way they wouldn't if fans were in attendance.

How can players hug each other and stand to chat after games in which they have dropped points? It gives the impression that those negative results don't hurt them as much as it does those who are

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