YouTuber MrBeast signs two-day contract with Bay Buccaneers

YouTuber MrBeast signs two-day contract with Bay Buccaneers
YouTuber MrBeast signs two-day contract with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Popular YouTuber MrBeast signed an unconventional two-day, $10 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in Week 7. But no, the viral sensation didn't just become an athlete overnight, this was all part of one of his latest videos. 

MrBeast, whose real name is James Donaldson, ran out of the tunnel with the team when they took on the Atlanta Falcons last month. He didn't see any playing time, but he did put in some work behind the scenes.

This was part of a " target="_blank"YouTube video in which he compared jobs with vastly different salaries. He started with gold panning, which he said can make as little as $1 a year. He and his friend group also dug up dinosaur bones for a museum, did astronaut training with NASA, flew a plane and tried hand modeling. The job of an NFL player was the highest-paying career featured in the video and the last one he attempted. 

"The final job is the craziest thing I've ever done, I still can't believe they let us do that lol," he wrote.

After signing a contract at the Tampa Bay facility with general manager Jason Licht, Donaldson's first task was to do weight training. Right away he started to realize this might not be the career for him.

"How is this compared to their typical workouts?" he asked a trainer.

"It's pretty pathetic," the trainer replied as Donaldson was on the floor laughing and trying to get some rest. 

Next, he met head coach Todd Bowles his teammates, who at first didn't believe this was actually official. Donaldson showed them his contract and pointed out that he wasn't actually going to get $10 million because of a clause that said he wouldn't get paid if it was canceled in 48 hours, which was also the length of his contract.

He admitted he had never played football before, so he started as a kicker. He was not great in that position so he decided to try quarterback with the help of wide receiver Chris Godwin.

Donaldson has become quite famous in the past few years, so he was able to just casually FaceTime former NFL star Tom Brady in the middle of practice to talk to him about his former team. The content creator also did a press conference in which he made it clear this was just for a video, then ran to get fitted for his uniform. 

Before the game, he told his teammates that if they reached a 100-point lead, he would be able to get some playing time. That unfortunately didn't happen and the Buccaneers ended up losing 16-13.

The Falcons even did a little bit of trash-talking, so Donaldson truly got the full athlete experience. 

"For @MrBeast's next challenge: Hit The Field Goal, Win The Game," the Falcons tweeted.

The "$1 vs $10,000,000 Job!" video has been out for less than the length of his NFL contract and already has an impressive 48 million views.

This is not the first time MrBeast gets involved in professional sports. Also in

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