sport news 'I want to win a World Cup': Mexico star Javier Hernandez eyes glory

The 2018 World Cup starts later this month, and for the players jetting off to Russia it will represent a high point in their career. 

Mexico striker Javier Hernandez is no exception, as he looks to fire the North American nation past Germany, South Korea and Sweden in Group F. 

Hernandez sat down to describe his World Cup memories, and how he plans to very soon, create many more... 

Q: Let's talk about the World Cup. This is your third one, what is it like to play in the World Cup?

JH: It is the best tournament you can play for your country and it's a culmination of being one of the best players for your country. We all try to fight for our place, so when the manager picks me in the last two tournaments I feel grateful, happy, with a lot of motivation to go and represent my country in the best way possible.

Javier Hernandez spoke exclusively to Sportsmail before spearheading Mexico in Russia

Javier Hernandez spoke exclusively to Sportsmail before spearheading Mexico in Russia

Q: Is it different to club matches?

JH: You know the thing is, in the way I see football I try to see that you have different responsibilities at different stages of your career. For example when I was 18 years old, when I was trying to get my debut it was different circumstances, you qualify for a match or you play in a final, you go to a World Cup, you come here to Europe but at the end of the day it is a football match, eleven versus eleven.

If you play in Mexico, if you play in Australia, in England, Spain, Germany in the leagues that I played, of course the leagues are different, the pressure is different, the goals of the teams are different, but when the whistle sounds it is eleven against eleven and the only thing you need to have in your mind is to play as well as you can and do your best to help your team get the three points.

The way I see football, of course you get the pressure, of course you get the responsibility, but the most important thing is if you're in the World Cup playing your first match against Germany, Sweden or South Korea, it's a football match at the end of the day.

Q: What's your earliest World Cup memory?

JH: The earliest World Cup memory is the goal I scored against France.

Q: I mean before that, watching it as a child.

JH: I think the 2002 in Korea/Japan because at that World Cup I was at a good age, and I remember waking up at four or five in the morning to try to watch the games. So it was a very good World Cup for me because I was old enough to remember, to like football and understand it and to support my country.

Also I tried to see as many matches that I could, and I watched matches with my family and sometimes in my room.

Hernandez, Mexico's top scorer, will lead the line for the North Americans at the World Cup

Hernandez, Mexico's top scorer, will lead the line for the North Americans at the World Cup

Q: Germany, the World Champions, is your first game at the World Cup, probably the hardest match any team could have, are you looking forward to it?

JH: I am looking forward to a lot obviously and we have to remember in the first game of the 2010 World Cup Switzerland beat Spain, and then Spain got on a good run and became champions.

So yeah it is going to be tough, it doesn't matter if it is the champions or if it's a team's first World Cup, it's the first match of the World Cup and you want to start on the right foot, be positive and get the three points.

Any team in any tournament, in any league have the same possibilities as any other sides to win. You've only got to look two years ago to Leicester City who won the league, then in the European Championships I remember Greece winning against all the odds, against what everything thought they beat Portugal in their own country, so you never know. Our main goal is to win the World Cup, that's the main goal of myself, my teammates and the country.

Q: You played Germany last year in Russia, what was that game like? What can you take from that experience?

JH: I think it was difficult but I think it was a pretty good match and the only thing was they were very ruthless. They got about four or five opportunities and they scored four goals and we got some chances to score and didn't take them. That's what happens when you play against the best teams in any part of the world. Hopefully in the next match we will do better, they could wake up and have one bad day and that could be against us.

Hernandez is confident, and believes Mexico can go all the way and lift the trophy

Hernandez is confident, and believes Mexico can go all the way and lift the trophy

Q: Speaking of scoring goals, what was it like against Croatia to become Mexico's all-time record goal scorer?

JH: It was very very good. I think that the goal I was expecting, it was the one before against Costa Rica, the one that put me level with Jared Borgetti, both of us on 45 or 46 goals because that goal, even if I didn't score after that, just broke all the pressure the press in my country had put on my back and it was against Costa Rica, one of the best teams in our confederation and we

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