sport news Gareth Southgate’s secrets revealed 20 years on

A pilot tape for a fly-on-the-wall programme on England manager Gareth Southgate is being made public for the first time.

The documentary never materialised but the taster video made by top independent sports production company Zig Zag has been discovered in their archives 20 years after it was made.

Southgate was Aston Villa captain at the time and considering a career in the media. He worked with Zig Zag when he presented a Premier League highlights programme for Channel 5 called Southgate On Sunday.

A pilot tape for a fly-on-the-wall programme on Gareth Southgate is being made public

A pilot tape for a fly-on-the-wall programme on Gareth Southgate is being made public

In the six-minute pilot Southgate (below) reveals his pride at playing for England and how winning a major tournament for your country would be ‘phenomenal’.

He was ahead of his time in realising the need for players to prepare for games in the right way and that they had to be properly rewarded for attracting big crowds. But he also says: ‘I don’t know if football’s sexy defenders have to be reliable.’

On the old school drinking culture, Southgate says: ‘One of the biggest social events in England is to go to the pub. It’s difficult to end this overnight. Footballers aren’t any different from the average man in the street. It was fish and chips after every game and as many pints as you could drink. That’s changed totally now, which is a plus point from the foreign players coming in.

‘The continentals tend to sit outside in a cafe and have something to eat with a glass of wine and we’re having pints, pizzas, burgers or whatever. That’s our culture.’

He added: ‘Since I’ve been playing, the money in the game has changed completely. When I started at Crystal Palace, the top players were on £500 a week. There was plenty of money coming into the clubs, but it wasn’t going to the players. Yet it’s the players that people come to watch and that should be reflected in their earnings in an entertainment business.’

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