Watch Oculus co-founders killer drone take down another by ramming it head on ...

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The drone never saw it coming! Watch Oculus co-founders killer drone take down an opponent by ramming it head on at 100 MPH Video demonstration shows the drone ramming another head on  It found the target and navigated itself towards it -- hitting it at 100 MPH A human operator only needs to activate the drone and it does the rest  

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Published: 21:16 BST, 10 October 2019 | Updated: 21:53 BST, 10 October 2019


Oculus co-founder has designed a drone that is capable of seeking out its targets and ramming them head on in order to destroy them.

In a video demonstration, Interceptor seeks out its opponent and charges at it 100 miles per hour, ultimately hurdling both of them to the ground.

The company claims it is capable of neutralizing threats in any environment, day or night, and according to its creator, the device 'almost always survives and returns to base.'

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Interceptor is the brainchild of Anduril, which was founded by Palmer Luckey who also co-founded Oculus - the Facebook owned company that designs technology.

'The best way to kill fast drones piloted by hostile humans is with even faster drones piloted by AI!' said Luckey on Twitter.

'The United States cannot allow the skies of the world to turn into the Wild West, our ability to take out aerial threats in a matter of seconds is part of the solution.'

A human operator activates the deadly drone, which it then identifies and flies towards its target on its own – with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).


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