After Math: Microsoft pulls back the cover on Project Scarlett

What a week for gaming and entertainment news! While Sony was showing off a slew of new games that will be hitting its console over the next year, Microsoft finally revealed its next-gen gaming system. If you still pine for the chunky stylings of a mid-90's desktop PC, you're going to love the Series X. That's not all -- got to gloat over its latest hit, The Irishman, and Warner Bros let us know when to expect the latest installment of The Matrix (hint, it's the same day that we get John WIck 4).

Arriving Just in time for next year's holiday season, Microsoft's next generation gaming console, previously known as Project Scarlett, will reportedly manage to pack four times as much processing power as its predecessor. There's no word on pricing just yet but we do know that it will support up to 120 fps and 8K resolution.


Now, you're probably asking yourself, "Wait, they made a third Matrix movie? Like, one after the one with the weird blonde twins?" They sure did! And come next May, Neo and the rest of the gang (aside from Carrie Anne Moss of course) will be back in theaters, fighting for the fate of humanity against their robot overlords.


The Forza franchise is taking a page from Fortnite's handbook by rolling out a massive, winner-take-all multiplayer mode. Players will have to survive a series of increasingly challenging head-to-head races against as many as six dozen fellow competitors. And if you can't keep pace with the leaders, you'll have to hand over your car keys.


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has a certifiable hit on its hands with Martin Scorsese's latest crime saga. More than 26 million people tuned in to The Irishman in its first week of release. That figure is sure to rise over the next few weeks, potentially hitting more than 40 million views by the end of the month.


Naughty Dog is getting into the spirit of giving a little early this year. The company sold out of its PS2-era classic, Jak and Daxter, within hours of reissuing it and has announced that the proceeds from those sales will go to a worth cause (or seven). Naughty Dog hasn't said how much, exactly, it will be giving away however.

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