Audi announces a new 'empathetic' self-driving car at CES nicknamed 'Amy'

Audi announces the world’s first ‘empathetic mobility partner’ at CES, a self-driving car nicknamed Amy that will encourage drivers to focus on self-care and tranquility instead of traffic AI:Me is a new self-driving luxury compact car from Audi The car was designed as 'an oasis of calm' for passengers in a stressful city Passengers can dampen outside noise, purify cabin air, and dim the lights There are also calming VR programs that passengers can use while traveling 

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Published: 01:24 GMT, 7 January 2020 | Updated: 01:29 GMT, 7 January 2020


This week at CES in Las Vegas, Audi gave hands-on demonstrations of its newest concept car, a self-driving vehicle called AI:Me, or ‘Amy.’

The German luxury car manufacturer describes AI:Me as an ‘empathetic mobility partner’ that will transport passengers into ‘an oasis of calm’ while the car’s autonomous navigation system cuts through stressful city traffic.

AI:Me was built with a compact frame that was specifically designed to be able to move through high-traffic urban spaces and fit into tight parking spots.

Audi gave demonstrations of a new concept car, AI:Me (pronounced ‘Amy’), at CES in Las Vegas this week

Audi gave demonstrations of a new concept car, AI:Me (pronounced ‘Amy’), at CES in Las Vegas this week

Its roomy interior cabin was designed to give passengers the option to forget about big city anxiety and focus on inner tranquility and self-care.

AI:Me actually features a ‘Well-Being’ mode that allows users to customize light levels, dampen noise from outside the car, and ‘purify’ the air inside the cabin.

The cabin itself was designed to emphasize natural materials, including a long wooden dashboard that can function as a table or small desk space, and carpets that are made from recycled fishnets found on the seafloor.

‘We brought the nature from outside in the inside’ Audi’s Simona Falcinella said last

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