Promobot showcases android Arnold Schwarzenegger that can field questions and ...

Russian robotics company Promobot showcases creepy humanoid Arnold Schwarzenegger that can answer questions and mime 600 different human expressions Robo-C is a android assistant that can mimic the face of another person It has applications in customer service and also as a robotic home assistant Its creators say that the bot can also mimic someone's personality  Bots cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 depending on the model 

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Published: 22:08 GMT, 8 January 2020 | Updated: 22:08 GMT, 8 January 2020


Deep in the heart of the CES expo floor, an unexpected Hollywoood actor - a face that most people would recognize - is fielding questions from the crowd.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is telling jokes; he's answering questions like 'what is the biggest country in the world?' and 'how do you feel about humans? with varying degrees of success.

The star-studded Q&A session and friendly conversations aren't a paid endorsement or part of CES programming, but rather a new product by the flashy Russian robotics startup, Promobot, called 'Android Robo-C.' 

While this isn't Promobot's first time at CES, it's the debut for Robo-C, which is being positioned as a kind of anthropomorphic office assistant that can handle customer queries and hook up to a smart home to help people interface with other gadgets. 

At CES in Las Vegas, Promobot showcased a replica of actor Arnold

At CES in Las Vegas, Promobot showcased a replica of actor Arnold 


Robo-C is ‘the world’s first humanoid android’ according to its creator, the Russian startup Promobot.

Robo-C can be built with a lifelike human face, with 16 moving parts capable of delivering over 600 facial expressions.

It has an onboard AI containing 100,000 speech modules to it can interact through conversation.

Depending on the user specifications, Robo-C costs

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