Twitter redesigns the way iOS users see conversation threads in bid to sort out ...

Twitter redesigns conversation threading for users of its iOS app in a bid to organize its jumbled layout Twitter redesigned its conversation layout last week on its iOS app Threading now indents replies and uses lines to delineate different posts The design change follows several tweaks last year to improve its layout 

By James Pero For

Published: 16:58 GMT, 3 February 2020 | Updated: 16:59 GMT, 3 February 2020


Twitter has taken a major step in trying to fix its nightmarish method of threading conversations.

In a change introduced to users of Twitter's iOS app last week, the distinction between original tweets and replies are now more clearly delineated using a mixture of indentation and vertical and horizontal lines.

'We’ve given conversations a makeover on iOS. When people you follow are in a conversation, you’ll see their replies in a new way in your Home timeline,' said Twitter's support team in a tweet.

'This new layout makes it easier to see who's replying to who so you can join in on relevant conversations.'

Reply threads are only displayed if they involve users you know to avoid flooding timelines with strangers, according to the platform.

The new design now treats a tweet and its subsequent replies as a kind of tree or as The Verge describes it 'a thread of connected notes' and is perhaps the biggest design change focused on

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