Alphabet unveils AI camera system that monitors fish populations with the goal ...

Google's parent company unveils AI camera system designed to help sustainably feed humanity by using computer vision to monitor health of fish populations Google's parent company, Alphabet, unveiled a new AI camera system The system, called Tidal, is designed to monitor fish populations It uses computer vision to check for oxygen levels, feeding habits, and more Alphabet says that it could help sustainbly feed humans everywhere 

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Published: 16:58 GMT, 2 March 2020 | Updated: 17:02 GMT, 2 March 2020


Google's parent company, Alphabet, wants to throw the power of its AI behind a mission to monitor sea life around the ocean.

According to a blog post, a project called Tidal - part of Alphabet's 'X' division that develops 'moonshot' projects - is creating a computer vision system that uses AI to monitor thousands of fish.

The goal, says the company, is to help glean understanding of how over-fishing and other human impacts of fish populations affect sea life across the goal.

With that information, Alphabet hopes that people will not just understand what happens beneath the ocean's surface, but help fix the problems that plague ocean life and habitats.

'One of the biggest barriers to protecting the ocean — and our future — is that we don’t know much about what’s going on under the water. Even though it covers around 70% of the planet, most of it remains unexplored,' writes Neil Davé, Tidal's general manager in a blog post.

'... today we’re announcing Tidal: a team at X working on a moonshot to protect the ocean and preserve its ability to support life and help feed humanity, sustainably. Our initial

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