Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 gets its first big discount on Amazon

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We think that Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 is the best non-Apple smartwatch, which is one reason why it’s been tough to find on sale. However, Amazon is now offering the first real deal on the Tizen-powered watch, selling it at $365.30 instead of the regular $430 price.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 at Amazon - $365.30

The Galaxy Watch 3’s allure starts with the relatively thin and light size, though it’s still a bit chunky on the underside. It also has an improved rotating bezel that’s not only smaller, but operates more smoothly than before.

The Watch 3 really shines when it comes to the sleep and fitness tracking side. It comes with a built-in running coach that provides real-time audio and visual feedback for free, unlike the subscription services offered on devices like the Fitbit. It can also effectively monitor your sleep, showing exactly when you wake up and fall asleep again, and giving you a score for each sleep session.

You also fancy health readings like VO2Max, Sp02 and even trip detection (similar to Apple’s fall detection). And of course, it’s a great smartphone companion, letting you easily reply to messages, control music and more.

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With all of these features and an OS that works smoothly (unlike wearOS, at times), the Galaxy Watch 3 normally commands a pretty high price. If you’ve been looking to snag one, a $65 discount might be just the incentive you need.

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sonos sonos One (Gen 2) - Voice Controlled Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-in - Black read more

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