Dogs: Labradoodle DNA reveals the crossbreed beloved by celebrities is more ...

One of the most coveted and recognisable dogs, the labradoodle, may actually be a 'monster,' says the breed's alleged progenitor.

According to Wally Conron, an Australia native is often said to be the first person to breed the labradoodle —a cross between a poodle and a Labrador —the dog opened up a 'Pandora's Box.'

'I bred the labradoodle for a blind lady whose husband was allergic to dog hair,' Conron told Australia Broadcast Network. 

'She wanted to know if we could come up with a dog that she could use as a guide dog and her husband wouldn't be allergic to.'

The issue, says Conron, who was working for the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia at the time, was not in finding a breed less harsh on one's allergies, but was finding one that was hypoallergenic and had the right temperament.  

Poodles, though they met the shedding criteria, didn't quite have the same friendliness factor as Labradors, so Conron decided to mix the two.

After nine weeks, Conron successfully brought his first-ever Labradoodle pups into existence and just like he expected, the dogs were mostly hypoallergenic like poodles and amiable like Labradors.

What Conron didn't know, however, was that his attempts to publicise the breed would rocket his creation into an international phenomenon.

 Following a six-month period of unsuccessfully trying to convince organisations

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