'Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition' will have a 120fps mode

Capcom has officially unveiled Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition during Sony’s PlayStation 5 event, where it revealed that the game will launch on the same day the console becomes available. The upgraded version of DMC5, which was originally released in 2019, takes advantage of the upcoming device’s ray tracing capabilities to enable realistic shadows and lighting. You’ll also be given the choice between prioritizing resolution (up to 4K at 30fps) and prioritizing frame rate: the game will come with a 120fps mode, so you can better appreciate its insane weapon combos.

Special Edition also makes Vergil a playable character, granting the request of fans who’ve been asking for the feature since the original DMC5 was announced years ago. But if you’re not getting a PS5 yet and still want to play as Vergil, you’ll be able to get him as a $6 DLC for the original game on older consoles, as well.

Aside from getting a new playable character, Special Edition will also get a Turbo Mode that allows you to play at 1.2x the normal speed. Capcom is also adding a Legendary Dark Knight difficulty, wherein each encounter “provides multiple times the enemies compared to the other difficulties.” Capcom producer Matt Walker said the difficulty level is only possible on Sony’s new hardware due to its horsepower and memory upgrades. Another thing the PS5 enables is even more immersive 3D audio.

While Walker discussed the Special Edition’s new features and capabilities for the PS5 on the PlayStation blog, the game will also be available for the Xbox Series X and Series S. Capcom says ray tracing for Microsoft’s consoles will be included as part of a downloadable update.

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