The Morning After: Tesla's $25,000 EV, and its 200 MPH-capable Model S

Judging by the standard of last week’s NVIDIA 3080 and PS5 rollouts, the start of Xbox Series X and S pre-orders was only a slight disaster. Not all of the sale pages went live exactly as scheduled (I’m looking at you, Best Buy and Amazon), and Microsoft’s servers were crashing at the same time CEO Satya Nadella gave a speech about the power of cloud computing or something, but things worked well enough for many people to jump in without staying up all night.

It’s bizarre that handing a company money for a video game console is so difficult, but at least now we can get to the important things — arguing over minor differences in framerate or software lineup to prove superiority. It’s the way of things.

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Pre-orders for a $139K version of its Model S are open.

Model S Plaid

No, it’s not covered in plaid (shame), but it is fast. This version of the Model S sedan — which goes well beyond the previous Performance version and its high-speed “Ludicrous” mode — will be available late next year. Tesla promises 1,100 horsepower, sub-two-second 0 to 60MPH time and a 200MPH top speed. And as far as range goes, according to the video, the Plaid model can go 520 miles or more between charges. Pre-orders are available now on the Tesla website, with prices starting at $139,000.
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No such thing as too much health tracking.


The $330 Fitbit Sense is a comprehensive health-tracking machine with basic smartwatch features and a new navigation system that can be difficult to master. It offers more wellness tools than Apple and Samsung wearables at a cheaper price, and it’s especially great for people who don’t mind wearing a watch to bed to glean more information about their health. Want all the details? Cherlynn Low tests it out — and then went straight on to reviewing Apple’s newest watch.
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Sure, seems legit.

Surface 85-inch

Microsoft says the larger screen will make it easier for people to collaborate while staying six feet apart and could replace traditional whiteboards and projectors. Pre-sales are available now, and you should know that, for the first time, you can get one with Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise installed. The real question is why don’t you have one or two of these already?
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Outlook on macOS Big Sur

Outlook’s Mac version will also get a major facelift in October, just in time for Apple’s macOS Big Sur release. The new Outlook features icons that more closely tie-in to the rest of the company’s apps, along with lots of rounded corners and semi-translucent panels to let whatever’s behind the app shine through slightly. In other words, it’s all clean, friendly and flat, much like the redesigned Big Sur apps Apple first showed off over the summer.
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And a private beta for Tesla’s Full Self Driving upgrade could start soon.

Model S Plaid

Yes, Elon Musk said in 2018 that a $25,000 EV could be three years away. And yes, in a presentation on Tuesday, he said Tesla could build a $25,000 EV… three years from now. There are a few more reasons this date might stick, though, all unveiled during a Battery Day presentation. Put simply, by vertically integrating production of more powerful battery cells, the company thinks it can expand EV range and lower costs. Watch the stream for the details on how it all works.
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A pilot project is underway in North Las Vegas.

Walmart drone

Walmart is starting to deliver at-home COVID-19 tests by drone. A trial got underway in North Las Vegas today, and the deliveries will expand to Cheektowaga, New York, early next month.

sonos sonos One (Gen 2) - Voice Controlled Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-in - Black read more

It’s delivering the kits to qualifying patients who live within a mile of certain Walmart Supercenters in both locales. Walmart says there’s no cost for those who opt to receive a test by drone, and there’s a prepaid shipping label to return it.
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sonos sonos One (Gen 2) - Voice Controlled Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-in - Black read more

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