Pentagon using AI to predict future for 'days of advanced warning' on attacks ...

Pentagon using AI to predict future for 'days of advanced warning' on attacks ...
Pentagon using AI to predict future for 'days of advanced warning' on attacks ...
Pentagon is using artificial intelligence to predict the future and give it 'days of advanced warning' on attacks on sensitive sites like the Panama Canal US Northern Command says Global Information Dominance Experiments can make the military proactive toward threats 'I'm talking not minutes and hours, I'm talking days,' said General Glen VanHerck In a recent test, GIDE  focused on a scenario where communication in the Panama Canal was compromised AI machine learning can sift through data to notice changes humans might miss  GIDE shares data already being gathered to allow for 'decision-making superiority,' VanHerck said




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The Pentagon is stealing a page from Minority Report with an experimental artificial-intelligence program that can look 'days in advance' and predict possible attacks on vulnerable locations.

The Global Information Dominance Experiments, or GIDE, use machine learning to sift through vast amounts of data to notice tiny changes that humans might miss - such as the number of cars increasing or decreasing in a parking lot - which might indicate an evolving threat. 

The program can then alert human agents who can take a closer look at the location. 

The latest experiment - GIDE 3 -  focused on 'contested logistics', in a scenario where lines of communication in the Panama Canal were compromised, military officials said.

General Glen VanHerck, commander of the US  Northern Command (NORTHCOM), said GIDE combines artificial intelligence and cloud computing resources with data from sources around the world to 'achieve information dominance' and 'decision-making superiority.'

Completed earlier this month, the third test of GIDE was conducted in conjunction with all 11 US combatant commands 'collaborating in the same information space using the same exact capabilities', he told a press conference.

The new system represents a 'leap forward in our ability to maintain domain awareness, achieve information dominance, and provide decision superiority in

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