MIT reveals 'living jewelry' robots

Researchers at MIT's media lab have developed miniature robots that roam on a wearer's clothes. 

The 'living jewelry,' made by a group called 'Project Kino,' will allow for something traditionally static, like jewelry, to shift and reconfigure to the preferences of the wearer.

But robots don't only serve aesthetic purposes - they contain sensors which can respond to environmental conditions, and the bots can also be paired with mobile devices to become wearable personal assistants. 

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The robots can serve both practical purposes by pairing with mobile devices, and aesthetic purposes by changing the style of a wearer's clothes

They work by clinging onto clothes which have magnets. 

For example, a demonstration video shows the robots crawling over a person's clothes, re-arranging themselves to change the style of the wearer's clothes.

Multiple bots can roam around on clothes and can form building blocks for creating different jewelry patterns. 

The video demonstrating the technology also shows a bot etching patterns on a wearer's velvet top. 


According to researchers behind Project Kino, an MIT Media Lab company developing wearable bots, work by clinging onto clothes which have magnets. The bots can be used for:

Pattern changing: The bots can move on clothes, changing the style of the piece of clothing.  Shape-changing jewelry: Multiple bots can roam

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