Burger-making robot to replace cooks in 50 restaurants


It is a scenario that brings us one step closer to a robot-run world.

Flippy, the artificial intelligence-driven robot that can 'cook the perfect burger every time,' will replace human workers in 50 CaliBurger restaurant locations in 2018.

The California-based restaurant chain began testing the machine - fitted with a 6-axis robotic arm it uses to flip burgers and place them on buns - earlier this year.

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An artificial intelligence-driven robot is said to 'cook the perfect burger, every time.' Called Flippy, the machine is fitted with a 6-axis robotic arm, which it uses to flip burgers


Flippy is an artificial intelligence-driven robot that can flip burgers on a grill and then place them on a bung once they are done cooking.

It is designed with a 6-axis robotic arm and cameras and sensors to see its environment. 

The robots arm is fitted with a claw-like tool that opens at the end, allowing it to grab the patty on the grill and flip it over without dropping it.

Flippy also alert the human worker when it is time to add the cheese or other toppings.

 Its software lets it distinguish between different meats on the grill and when they are done cooking.

'We are excited about the impact Miso's AI-based solutions will have for the restaurant industry,' Miso CEO David Zito told CBS about the new announcement.

'Humans will always play a very critical role in the hospitality side of the business… We just don't know what the new roles will be yet in the industry.'

He added that the robot will likely push workers out of their current jobs.

Flippy is the brainchild of Miso Robotics and can assist in the kitchen, flipping burgers and placing them on buns.

'Flippy is an AI-powered robot that works in tandem with kitchen staff,' Zito told DailyMail.com in March, when the company began testing the robot at a CaliBurger in Pasadena.

'It functions as an assistant and intuitively knows when to flip burgers and then places them on buns when ready. 

'Flippy is the first in our series of adaptive robots that will create smarter, safer and more efficient commercial kitchens.' 

It was originally expected that Flippy would be hired in the 50 CaliBurger locations for 2019, but a large round of funding made it possible to move up the start date.

In July, Miso Robotics - which was co-founded and funded by Cali Group - received $3.1 million in funding from strategic investors, including Acacia Research and Match Robotics VC.

Flippy is the brainchild of Miso Robotics, which will employ the robot at 50 CaliBurgers, a restaurant that makes 'California style burgers' in 14 countries

Flippy is the brainchild of Miso Robotics, which will employ the robot at 50 CaliBurgers, a restaurant that makes 'California style burgers' in 14 countries

'While the biggest companies in the world are focused on using computer vision and artificial intelligence to drive cars and manage the home, Cali Group will facilitate and lead the adoption of these emerging technologies in the restaurant and retail industries,' said John Miller, Chairman and CEO of Cali Group, at the time of the funding announcement.  

According to the National Association of Restaurants, consumers are spending more on food outside the home than ever before. 

Yet despite rapid growth, the restaurant industry is plagued with inefficiencies. 

In 2016, turnover of restaurant workers reached an all-time high at 113 percent.

However, the integration of Miso Robotics into CaliBurger's kitchens will allow the chain to redeploy some of its staff to

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