The $400 wristband sonar system that will sound the alarm if your child falls ...

A new alarm system has been designed to help parents monitor their children when they are playing by a pool - even if they cannot see their kids.

The system, from Dolphin Alarms, consists of three pieces: a wristband that a child wears, an alarm stationed in the pool and an alarm that goes off in one's home should an accident occur.

It was designed by engineer John Barstead after his neighbor's toddler died because of a preventable drowning accident.

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Pictured are the three components of a new system designed to prevent fatal drownings in swimming pools. Children unable to swim wear a wristband that, if submerged, sounds two alarms: one in the pool and one that can be placed up to 170 feet away in a home setting

There are about 10 accidental drownings in the US each day, and about 20 percent of them happen to children under 14 years old, according to the CDC.

The Kickstarter page for Dolphin Alarms cites research claiming that 70 percent of preschoolers who drown are being watched by at least one parent at the time of the incident.

One of the biggest threats to a child once they have fallen in the water is brain damage, which takes as little as four minutes underwater to set in.

Dolphin Alarms stresses the efficiency of the new product during accidents when every second counts, and the company's Kickstarter page says the system is the first of its kind.

It was designed by Barstead over the course of 13 years following the tragic accident that impacted his community.

Researchers from Newcastle University in the UK helped develop the product.

This diagram explains how the system works. It operates in both fresh and saltwater pools, and the wristband can be worn by children under two years old. Researchers at Newcastle University in the UK helped design the system

This diagram explains how the system works. It operates in both fresh and

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