Annoying bug in Whatsapp hides the name of senders in message notifications

Whatsapp users have been hit by an annoying bug that stops them from seeing the names of senders in their message notifications.

The bug, which appears to only impact iPhones, causes users to get a notification that says 'Whatsapp' instead of the sender's name.

Frustrated users worldwide have taken to Twitter to vent their anger - but there seems to be a very simple fix.

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Whatsapp users have been hit by a bug that stops them seeing the name of the sender when a new message notification appears on their phone. Instead of seeing the name of the sender, recipients are get a notification that says 'WhatsApp'

'Hey @WhatsApp — any idea why this is happening? Not seeing sender name on all new message notifications?', user Angus Brash from London, wrote on his Twitter.

Another Twitter user, Dan Greenie, wrote: 'My Whatsapp notifications have gone from showing previews to showing sender to just saying 'message' and I have no idea why'.

'Iphone updated to @WhatsApp version 2.18.60 and now getting these notifications, without the contact name appearing!!! Help!', another Twitter user Andrew Bucknell said. 

The problem appears to have been caused by a recent Whatsapp update. 

However, the glitch doesn't take long to fix.

To fix the bug, go to Whatsapp Settings inside the app and click on Notifications. 

Turn it to 'Show Preview', and then go into your iPhone's general settings menu.

In Notifications, select Whatsapp, click 'Show Previews'

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