Did Britain's man in Argentina commit treason over the Falklands?

Pictured: Anthony Williams, Britain’s ambassador in Buenos Aires

Pictured: Anthony Williams, Britain’s ambassador in Buenos Aires

Lord Carrington was told the Falklands War – a conflict that cost him his job as Foreign Secretary – started because Britain’s envoy in Argentina wanted to retire there, it has been revealed.

The claim is made in a new book about the Tory grandee, who died in July, and which is serialised in today’s Mail on Sunday.

Carrington resigned ‘on a point of honour’ when Argentina invaded the Falklands in 1982 while he was abroad on a diplomatic trip.

According to Carrington: An Honourable Man by historian Christopher Lee, he believed that Anthony Williams, Britain’s ambassador in Buenos Aires, ‘failed to represent the UK to the Argentine government, and properly report Argentinian intentions’.

‘On one occasion, the embassy objected to Carrington’s suggestion that a senior official should be sent from London to assess the situation on the grounds that it would undermine the ambassador’s authority.’

Lee says that years later, when Carrington was Nato Secretary-General, Swiss ambassador Gaspard Bodmer, who was in Buenos Aires at the time of the war, told him: ‘[Williams] was withholding information as he wanted to make his career in Argentina after he retired.’

 Lee questions whether Williams was more interested in feathering his own nest than reporting faithfully on the crisis. 

He says Carrington

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