Violent past of Fotios 'Freddy' Geas accused of killing Whitey Bulger

The former hitman accused of beating Whitey Bulger to death in prison had a reputation for extreme violence as he rose through the Mafia's ranks in the 2000s.

Fotios 'Freddy' Geas, 51, was serving a life sentence for the murders of Gary Westerman and Adolfo 'Big Al' Bruno when he allegedly helped beat Bulger to death with a lock in a sock and partially gouged out his eyes with a shiv on Tuesday.

Those who knew Geas described him as a feared killer around his hometown of Western Springfield, Massachusetts, who was prone to outbursts of violence and operated alongside his younger brother, Ty.

Fotios 'Freddy' Geas, now 51 (pictured left and right in the late 2000s), is the former mob muscle-man suspected of beating Whitey Bulger to death in prison on Tuesday

Geas (far right) and brother Ty (center) worked as muscle for Mafia boss Anthony Arillotta (second left), carrying out beatings and killings at his behest

Geas (far right) and brother Ty (center) worked as muscle for Mafia boss Anthony Arillotta (second left), carrying out beatings and killings at his behest

Being Greek, the pair grew up outside of Mafia circles but quickly became associated with organised crime following their first convictions.

Those came in 1989 when, aged just 17, Ty Geas fired a rifle into the air during a brawl at a high school hockey game and was sent to jail, Mass Live reports.

Freddy, then aged 22, exhibited what would become a lifelong hatred of 'rats' when he threatened to murder a witness against his brother, and was also jailed.

While inside, Ty met and befriended Anthony Arillotta, and up-and-coming Mafia figure who recruited the brothers as 'muscle'.

Over the course of the next two decades the brothers went to work for Arillotta, racking up a total of 75 convictions between them by the late 2000s, including beatings, vandalism, and robbery.

They were never inducted into the Mafia themselves, because all 'made' men must have Italian blood, but were known as Arillotta's close associates.

Indeed, the brothers helped the aspiring Arillotta ascend through the ranks of the Mafia by whacking his enemies and rivals within it.

On the night of November 4, 2003, the pair murdered Arillotta brother-in-law, their former friend and low-level criminal Gary D Westerman because they correctly suspected he was a 'rat'.

They carried out the murder by luring Westerman to what he believed was a marijuana stash-house with the promise they were going to rob it.

In 2003 Geas murdered Gary D Westerman (left), Arillotta's brother-in-law, by shooting him in the head and beating him with shovels. A few weeks later he ordered a hitman to take out Adolfo 'Big Al' Bruno (right), who was shot repeatedly in the head and groin

Westerman showed up with a ski mask and a stun gun ready for the raid, but was instead shot twice in the head by the Geas brothers.

The pair then attempted to drag his body to a freshly-dug grave in the back yard, but Westerman somehow survived the bullet wounds and broke free.

Not to be deterred, the murder team - which included Arillotta and another associate, Emilio Fusco - beat him to death with shovels and buried him.

Just a few weeks later Freddy Geas was told to whack Adolfo 'Big Al' Bruno, Arillotta's boss, who he wanted out of the way because he was not making enough money, and out of suspicion that he was also an informant.

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