Mother-of-three reveals how she was 'targeted by Suzy Lamplugh prime suspect ...

John Cannan was stalking the streets for victims just three days before Suzy Lamplugh vanished, a woman who was targeted by the killer revealed today.

Liz Greenfield was 20 and working as a receptionist in the same area of west London where estate agent Suzy vanished on July 28 1986 after meeting a 'Mr Kipper' to view a flat.

Three days earlier Cannan, whose nickname in jail was 'kipper', was released from Wormwood Scrubs prison after serving five years for raping a shop assistant.

Ms Greenfield, now 52, said on that day a man matching his description turned up at her office twice with flowers and told her: 'I have been watching you'.

Three days later a man was seen spying on Suzy Lamplugh at her estate agents before she went missing and was murdered.

John Cannan, pictured, who is suspected of killing estate agent Suzy Lamplugh, has always denied involvement

Estate agent Miss Lamplugh, 25, (pictured) disappeared in 1986, having left her west London offices to meet a mystery client known only as Mr Kipper

John Cannan is believed to have murdered estate agent Miss Lamplugh, 25, but another young woman says she was targeted by him three days earlier

Liz Greenfield told The Sun: 'He strongly resembled John Cannan and had the same piercing eyes. It was creepy and made me feel like he had been stalking me.

Why is John Cannan the prime suspect in Suzy Lamplugh's murder? How convicted killer's name first entered the frame - and now he could be free in just FOUR years 

John Cannan is considered one of Britain's most dangerous criminals having murdered at least one woman, raped two other and tried to kidnap several more victims using knives and guns.

But police have been unable to pin Suzy Lamplugh's murder on him but hope finding her body will get him in the dock.

Cannan is able to apply for parole in 2002 despite years of terrorising women.

March 1981: Cannan robs a knitwear shop at knifepoint and ties up a woman inside and rapes her.

July 25 1986: He is given day release from Wormwood Scrubs after serving five years for the rape.

July 28, 1986: Suzy Lamplugh, 25, disappears after leaving her office to show a man known only as 'Mr Kipper' around a house in Fulham, west London.

October 7 1986: Cannan rapes a woman at knifepoint in Reading. Later that day he tries to abduct a woman in Bristol with a gun.

October 8, 1987: Murder victim Shirley Banks failed to meet her husband Richard for a drink as planned and her car is missing. Six months later Shirley's naked body was discovered decomposed in the Quantock Hills in an area known as Dead Woman's Ditch.

October 29, 1987: Cannan caught trying to hold up a shop in Leamington Spa and arrested.

November 9 1987: Cannan is arrested on suspicion of stealing Shirley's car and her disappearance is linked to Suzy's. His laywer says his client had never met Suzy.

April 1989: Cannan guilty of Shirley's murder, raping the woman in Reading and for the attempted kidnap in Bristol. He is given a whole life term later reduced to 35 years.

August 1991: He writes a letter from prison to his local paper denying any part in Suzy's disappearance.

1999: Police start a cold case review and hand it to the murder squad

June 2002: Met name him as the only suspect 

November 2002: CPS say he can't be prosecuted because of lack of evidence and 'trial by media'

June 2008: He loses appeal against his 35 year jail term

October 2018: Police return to his mother Sheila's home and examine the concrete pit Cannan used to tinker with his cars.

'He must have spent a fortune on the flowers. He asked me out again and was very persistent. I didn't want the flowers but he insisted I accept them and promised he would be back the next day to ask me out again.

She added: 'Luckily, I never saw him again'.

Cannan, who first attacked a woman at the age of 14, was well known for showering women with gifts, especially flowers, chocolate and Champagne, but would then turn violent.  

Yesterday an extraordinary dating video made by him at the height of his crime spree emerged.

John Cannan was filmed just six weeks before he was arrested for abducting and murdering Shirley Banks in October 1987 - but Suzy's missing body from a year earlier means he has never faced trial.

Cannan's expensive clothes, neat hair and wide smile are in marked contrast to the disheveled and wild police mugshot taken after his arrest weeks after his Suitor Dating Agency film was made. 

The convicted rapist and killer described his perfect woman as actress Stephanie Beacham, and said he wanted to find: 'Somebody natural, nice and pleasant, somebody with character. Somebody who's easy and relaxed to be with'.

But he also snarled about being turned off by the 'inflated egos' and 'inner weakness' of some women.

A year before this police believe that he posed as 'Mr Kipper' and killed estate agent Suzy Lamplugh after luring her to a flat viewing in Fulham in July 1986.

The former public schoolboy, with a clean-cut accent and expensive suit, said he was rich having 'achieved all my ambitions,

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