Oxford University scholar 'can prove Professor twice his age made unwanted ...

An Oxford University scholar has said he has proof that a Professor twice his age made unwanted sexual advances to him and has claimed the advance was captured on tape.

Dr Matthew Levy, who is suing the University of Oxford for sexual discrimination, said he found a recording on an old mobile phone where he states that his superior Professor Peter Norreys told him he would destroy his career if he refused his advances during a private meeting.

The 32-year-old said that after he thwarted the unwanted sexual overtures towards him, that he was then subjected to a bullying campaign by the professor and his colleagues.

Dr Levy now claims that since the first round of the employment tribunal in November 2017, he had found an audio recording in the memory of an old iPhone of a meeting between himself and Professor Norreys on October 22, 2015 which will help to prove his allegations of unwanted sexual harassment.

Dr Matthew Levy

Professor Peter Norreys

 Dr Matthew Levy (left) has said that Professor Peter Norreys (right) made unwanted sexual advances towards him 

The authenticity of the recording was set to be scrutinised by an employment tribunal panel whose chairman said that it would be pivotal to the entire case and that they would hear experts who would be able to tell if it was a forgery or a genuine recording.

Following the discovery of the audio recording, the full hearing, which had been scheduled for April this year had to be cancelled and a preliminary hearing was set to consider whether or not the recording is in fact real.

Audio experts are set to use algorithms and examine the metadata of the file to determine when it was created.

The tribunal judge ruled that more time will be allocated to determine whether the audio recording Dr Levy claims to have recovered via an iTunes backup, is a forgery, despite representatives for Prof. Norreys arguing that extending proceedings would be too costly.

Employment tribunal judge Stephen Vowles said the preliminary hearing was to decide whether the 'recording produced by the claimant is a forgery.'

He said: 'It came before after a nine day case was postponed in order that a preliminary hearing could be listed to consider this matter.

Dr Levy is suing Mr Norreys (pictured) and Oxford University for sexual discrimination

The junior research fellow said he had shut down the older man's advances

Dr Levy is suing Mr Norreys (pictured) and Oxford University

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